Friday, December 10, 2010

Up and running but conditions not great

I'm up and running. The QRN and radar levels on 40m have been really bad. The palm trees are very high and late yesterday afternoon I just couldn't get the support rope up into the palms after many many frustrating throws. The vertical is too noisy for 40m and I really need the dipole up, so fingers crossed today. Email reports last night from W/VE indicate conditions between VK and North America weren't great anyway.

20m to Europe last night wasn't as good as I experienced on Fitzroy Island a couple of months ago. I did get a decent run during the 1300-1400 period including some W/VE's too.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like a midwest USA station (spoted) worked? you 1400z 20m today whilst I was at work. Hope to catch you there tomorrow abt then or so if same prop.
    Listened but no prop your PSK after 2100 hr or nw 15m ssb. Prop programs show our window 1500 -1630 20m. 40m starting 0900z to our SR. 17m 2000z. none shown for 15m or above.

    Hope all is well and your having fun.
    Will be looking as usual.
    Midwest USA.