Monday, December 13, 2010

Now QRT - 1115 QSOs into 70 DXCC entities

The weekend DXpedition to Magnetic Island is now over. During the 60 hours on the island there was around 42 hours of actual operating when you factor in sleep and meals. Propagation was definitely not as good as Fitzroy Island, for instance in the first 60 hours of operating there I made 1739 QSOs versus the 1115 made here.

Mind you this IOTA is not as rare and has been activated once this year by a JA operator to another island. Nevertheless it was still lots of fun. 20m was terrible in the evening and very few Europeans there were contacted however 15m to Europe was great. North America continued to be a bit of a no show on all bands so that’s a shame.

Here’s a breakdown of the contacts made:

1071 (96.1%) SSB
    43 (3.8%) PSK31
      1 (0.1%) RTTY

608 (54.5%) 15m
242 (21.7%) 20m
135 (12.1%) 10m
130 (11.7%) 40m

551 (49.4%) Europe
382 (34.3%) Asia
153 (13.7%) Oceania
  24 (2.2%) North America
    3 (0.2%) Africa
    2 (0.2%) South America

Just for interest sake I’ve done a quick comparison between this weekend trip on Magnetic Island OC-171 in December and the weeklong trip to Fitzroy Island OC-172 in October. The clear difference is the poor 20m conditions to Europe in the late evening but fortunately 15m in the late afternoon/early evening meant that many Europeans needing this IOTA were satisfied. Poor conditions to North America continued. Another difference to the past DXpedition was the it was the ARRL 10m contest so there were quite a few VKs there to push up the Oceania percentage.

SSB                96.1% (OC-171) and 90.7% (OC-172)
PSK31             3.8% (OC-171) and 9.2% (OC-172)
RTTY                0.1% (OC-171) and 0.1% (OC-172)

15m    54.5% (OC-171) and 21.6% (OC-172)
20m    21.7% (OC-171) and 65.4% (OC-172)
10m    12.1% (OC-171) and 11.7% (OC-172)
40m    11.7% (OC-171) and 1.3% (OC-172)

Europe                       49.4% (OC-171) and 70.0% (OC-172)
Asia                            34.3% (OC-171) and 25.6% (OC-172)
Oceania                     13.7% (OC-171) and 2.7% (OC-172)
North America            2.2% (OC-171) and 1.4% (OC-172)
Africa                            0.2% (OC-171) and 0.1% (OC-172)
South America           0.2% (OC-171) and 0.2% (OC-172)

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