Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Announcing a short DXpedition to OC-171

After the fun of the VK4LDX/P DXpedition to Fitzroy Island on IOTA OC-172 during October 16-22 2010, see http://vk4ldxoc172.blogspot.com/, my wife has agreed to another trip to a different IOTA. So a shorter 3 day expedition over a single weekend with my XYL Michelle is being planned for December 10-12 2010.

I will be using the same strategy by using a multiband vertical close to the beach. There are two key improvements I need for this trip. Firstly to have the accommodation grounds to myself so I don’t have to worry about upsetting guests or managers with antennas, especially the radials. Secondly and most importantly, to find a location that still has the same water path to JA and Europe that Fitzroy Island did, but to also have a good take-off to North America. I believe I’ve ticked both of these boxes with the location I’ve booked.

Magnetic Island is in close proximity to my home QTH in Townsville, so my wife and I will be having a little afternoon day trip on the Ferry so that I can scope out the place I’ve booked, figure out antenna locations, take compass bearings for short path Europe and North America and ensure that the mountains aren’t blocking me. This kind of reconnaissance will put my mind at ease about antennas and allow me to make the best use of the short time I’ll be there. Even though I’ll only be operating over a period of 60 hours, on the Fitzroy Island DXpedition, the first 60 hour operating period resulted in 1950 QSOs. So I’m hoping for 1500-2000 QSOs if things go to plan.