Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thankyou to the individual IOTA sponsors for a future DXpedition

Thank you to the individual sponsors that have included extra $US with their QSL cards to assist me to fund future IOTA DXpeditions:

9A1CCY - 9A1DX - 9A2Y - 9A3NM - AB5EU - AE9DX - AF2D - BG9BUS - BG9BYK - BG9BSW - DJ3XG - DJ4MM - DJ6RN - DK6JV - DL0HBS - DL3APO - DL5DF - DL6ATM - DL6ZXG - DL7SLB - DL7YY - DL8AAV - EA3BT - EA3KB - EA4EVY - F4CPF - F59706 (SWL) - F5BOY - F6DZU - F8AMV - G0RCI - G0WKH - G3RTE - G4ELZ - G4MFX - G4NXG/m - G4PTJ - HB9BZA - HL4CBX - I2MQP - I2PQW - I2VGW - I3PGZ - I4GAD - I5HLK - I5HOR - I8IHG - IK2VUC - IK4HPU - IK8CNT - IK8CVZ - IT9DAA - IZ2NBD - IZ8AJU - JA3RAC - JG4OOU - JH7KTI - JL1PPS - JR2DUM - K0AP - K1HT - K2MHE - K3EST - K4HMB - K4ROZ - K6ASK - K6PJ - K8CW - K8GI - K8YTO - KB1VIB - KJ3L - KK4AND - KN7D - LY5A - LZ1HA - MD0CCE - N4NX - N4VA - N6KZ - N6NO - N6NO - NI5W - OE6GRG - OH1MHX - ON4XL - ON5JE - ON7DR - R3OK - RX4HZ - SM7DXQ - SM7NGH - SP5APW - SP0177JG - SV1ACL - VA7CRZ - VE3IQ - VE3VHB - VK3FM - W1KDA - W1WML - W2AY - W2PSU - W3FJ - W3TN - W4ETB - W4LSC - W4OX - W4PKU - W5PF - W5WP - W5ZPA - W6ZPL - W7BEM - W7FYV - WA4CYP - WB0GGM - WB5JID

Thursday, April 21, 2011

QRT now - thanks for all the contacts - 1541 QSO's in 49 hours on air

Well the DXpedition is now over and we are safely packed up and off the island. It ended up being just a 49 hours operating period from 1200 UTC (10pm local) on Monday through to 1300 UTC (11pm local) on the Wednesday. So it was kind of like a WPX contest. I ended up with 1541 QSO’s mainly to North America and Europe.

After 3 days waiting in Sydney for my ear infection to subside, we flew into Townsville on the Monday afternoon. We quickly packed the car up with the gear and realised that we could get over to the island with an hour and a half of sunlight to set up the antenna. So my wife and I quickly got to work and erected the 10-15-20 Spiderbeam onto the 10m Spiderbeam aluminium mast. It was a great location right on the edge of the rocks that the seas crashed against. At high tide the cross arms of the antenna were actually over water. We didn’t have time to finish the entire antenna, so in complete darkness I’d installed the three 20m elements and the 10m and 15m driven element. I figured I could quickly install the 10m and 15m directors and reflectors at sunrise just before these bands would be open to the America’s.

In December last year, the location on the island was best for short path Asia and Europe but small hills blocked North/South America. So this visit was to address this and the new location had a clear water short path from North America through to South America which included long path Europe. There were big hills blocking short path Europe and Asia.

Mike Groom VE3VHB was emailing me about the recent good path between the east coast of North America and P29 at 1200-1400 UTC on 20m so I kicked things off at 1200 UTC on 20m short path. While the pile ups weren’t big, there was a nice steady opening into USA and Canada until 1530 UTC. It was 1:30am local time and after the flight and operating for a few hours I was feeling unwell from my flu and ear infection – but still I figured that fluids, cough mixtures/lollies and lots of medication might get me through the rest of the trip.

I could only fit in 4 hours sleep as I had to wake up at 5:30am to finish the Spiderbeam. At 2045 UTC (6:45am local) I had a great run into North America on 10m which included contacts into XE, TI, 9Y, HR, PJ2 and HP. This continued until 0015 UTC and then I had fun working into the west coast on 15m until 0100 UTC. I had to go QRT then as I had pretty much lost my voice and I was ready to crash and burn, so I had a few hours sleep.

I had high hopes for 20m long path into Europe and started at 0500 UTC. To my great relief the band was already wide open and there was a monstrous pile up into Europe which continued until 0830 UTC which was great fun. So it was then time to take more pills and potions and have the evening meal and say hello to my wife too!

I went on the air again at 1045 UTC and beamed short path USA on 20m. It was great to see the band open again with a steady stream of contacts across the entire east to west coast until 1430 UTC. I was exhausted but so relieved to be able to get my signal on a regular basis into the America’s.

The previous day 10m was open beautifully to North America, but not on the second morning. It wasn’t until 2150 UTC until things happened which was an hour later than the previous day. I chose 15m and had a great time working from the east to west coast USA and parts of the Caribbean. At 0100 UTC I took a visit to 10m and spent an hour working into USA which included TI and 6Y until the band closed at 0215 UTC.

So after a lunch break I went to the radio a little earlier for 20m long path Europe and had a ball from 0430 UTC with another big pile up. Around 0630 UTC the contacts into Europe slowed down and so I figured, OK the band is slowly on its way out. All of a sudden I’d start getting calls from all parts of the USA mixed in with the Europeans and this continued over the next hour. Then the Europeans stopped and so I rushed down to the water to spin the Spiderbeam to W/VE short path and continued working this part of the world until 0900 UTC – weird! But then to counterbalance this, conditions weren’t too good to North America in the 1200 UTC period and so I went QRT for good at 1330 UTC and packed up the station and was in bed by midnight local time.

The breakdown of contacts:

TOTAL QSO’s 1541
(1538 SSB and 3 PSK31)


718 (46.6%)  Europe
654 (42.2%)  North America
  72 (  4.7)%) Oceania
  59 (  3.8%)  Asia
  25 (  1.6 %) Africa
  13 (  0.8 %) South America


1155 (75.0 %) 20m
  227 (14.7 %) 15m
  159 (10.3 %) 10m

The boat was leaving at 8:00am local the next day and so at 5:30am my VERY UNDERSTANDING wife and I woke up and dismantled the Spiderbeam and we departed Magnetic Island for Townsville after a challenging yet fun filled 49 hour DXpedition. In just a few hours we were then jumping on a plane to visit our families in VK5 for Easter. After being away on our cruise holiday and now the DXpedition, we’d been away from our home in Townsville for almost 3 weeks, so I figured I better visit the post office and sure enough there was a big pile of 300 envelopes as a result of the OC-138 DXpedition in March, so please be patient I am working through them now as I brought them and my blank QSL cards with me to Adelaide in VK5.

So thank you so much to everyone for the QSO. In a couple of weeks we move interstate back to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory so I go back to being VK8PDX after being VK4LDX for the past 9 months in Townsville. The short stay in Townsville has been a great launching base for doing four DXpeditions to three different VK4 IOTA’s – Fitzroy Island OC-172 (October 2010), Magnetic Island OC-171 (December 2010), Horn Island OC-138 (March 2011) and Magnetic Island OC-171 (April 2011). In those four trips, it ended up with 10,200 QSOs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Operating schedule for last day

Hi everyone its 1430 UTC on UTC date of April 19th, I'm too tired and feeling unwell to give a run down of the activation, I'll do that after the DXpedition.

Based on the conditions here, this will be operating schedule for my last day:

2100-0230 UTC - 10m and 15m SSB - short path North, Central and South America

0430-0830 UTC - 20m SSB - long path Europe (which is also short path South America)

1030-1430 UTC - 20m SSB - short path North America

1430 UTC Shut down - just after midnight local time

Monday, April 18, 2011


As of 1200 UTC I'm on the air, still partially deaf in the left ear from flying and the voice fails every now and then so please be patient if I go silent on air as I'm coughing and spluttering - hi hi

Friday, April 15, 2011

DXpedition start delayed due to severe illness

Today is Saturday morning and my wife and I should be flying from Sydney to Townsville this morning and then going to Magnetic Island the following day.

However on the last couple of days of our holiday cruise I developed a nasty flu like virus. Yesterday I woke with a terrible inner ear infection and the hotel doctor advised me I can't fly for 3 days due to the risk of perforating my left ear drum.

So while I lie in bed in the hotel yesterday up to my eyeballs in medications, my wife had to frantically change all our flights and accommodation arrangements. The fallout is that we'll now be flying to Townsville on Monday April 18 and in the afternoon going across by boat to the island. I'll be able to set up the operating station that evening and maybe get some of the antenna up that night.

I'll be able to be on air after an hours worth of antenna erection at first light and so I'll be operating from 2200 UTC on Monday April 18 (UTC date) which is 8am my time on the Tuesday morning.

The end tim of the DXpedition is still the same as we are relocating interstate immediately afterwards. So instead of cancelling the DXpedition, at least I'll have two full mornings, afternoons and evenings to operate. This morning is the first time I've had my voice back and I'm starting to regain hearing in my left ear

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DXpedition on track for April 17-20

Everything is still on track for the DXpedition to occur on April 17 to 20. If I can erect the Spiderbeam at 10m without any problems, then I'll focus on the higher bands. Judging from conditions recently during CQWW WPX SSB 10m, 15m and 20m are in good shape.

Based on past IOTA trips and recent conditions, here's a good idea of where I'll be:

0000-0200 UTC 10m and 15m short path to North, Central and South America

0200-0330 UTC lunch break and shower

0330-0600 UTC 10m and 15m short path to JA (will also check short path America's on 20m)

0600-0830 UTC 10m short path and 20m long path to Europe

0830-1200 UTC 15m short path to Europe

1200-1600 UTC 20m short path to Europe

1600-2000 UTC sleep once 20m closes to Europe

2000-0000 UTC 10m and 15m short path to North, Central and South America

For 99% of the time I'll be doing SSB, I'll only revert to PSK31 if I can't get my signal through at various times. I'll spot on the DX cluster every time I do a band change. In the 2000-0200 UTC period where I'm looking for North America, I'll also take time out to go outside and change the beam heading on the Spiderbeam down to South America and announce it on the cluster.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DXpedition dates brought forward

The dates for the Magnetic Island DXpedition have been brought forward by a couple of weeks. We'll be going to a different location than last year as seen on the picture above. I'll be using a 40m dipole which will be put up in the air using the slingshot. For 10m, 15m and 20m I'll have the Spiderbeam tribander and the HF9V will be ground mounted on the rocks on a small cliff overlooking the water. All operation with be on SSB, PSK31 and RTTY (I don't do CW). I'll be operating on whatever bands are open but I'm hoping for favourable conditions to North America which seemed to suffer on last years trip. We'll arrive on April 17 and I hope to have all of the antennas up and running by mid-afternoon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another visit planned for April 2011

If you missed out on contacting me during the December visit you’ll have another opportunity in April. On April 29 to May 2 I’ll be having my next and final ever DXpedition to Magnetic Island. I’ll be QRV using a 10-15-20m Spiderbeam tribander, 40m dipole and Butternut HF9V vertical at a new location right on the water’s edge. It favours long path North America/short path South Africa, long path Europe/short path South America and short path North America.