Friday, April 15, 2011

DXpedition start delayed due to severe illness

Today is Saturday morning and my wife and I should be flying from Sydney to Townsville this morning and then going to Magnetic Island the following day.

However on the last couple of days of our holiday cruise I developed a nasty flu like virus. Yesterday I woke with a terrible inner ear infection and the hotel doctor advised me I can't fly for 3 days due to the risk of perforating my left ear drum.

So while I lie in bed in the hotel yesterday up to my eyeballs in medications, my wife had to frantically change all our flights and accommodation arrangements. The fallout is that we'll now be flying to Townsville on Monday April 18 and in the afternoon going across by boat to the island. I'll be able to set up the operating station that evening and maybe get some of the antenna up that night.

I'll be able to be on air after an hours worth of antenna erection at first light and so I'll be operating from 2200 UTC on Monday April 18 (UTC date) which is 8am my time on the Tuesday morning.

The end tim of the DXpedition is still the same as we are relocating interstate immediately afterwards. So instead of cancelling the DXpedition, at least I'll have two full mornings, afternoons and evenings to operate. This morning is the first time I've had my voice back and I'm starting to regain hearing in my left ear

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